Confetti Cake Bath Bomb

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4.3 oz - 2.56" diameter

Scented with Vanilla. Smells like creamy vanilla frosting. 


Bath Bombs are great way to relax and put on a fizzy colorful show, leaving your water beautifully colored and scented. Nourishing Apricot Kernel Oil and softening corn starch will leave your skin smelling and feeling divine! Our Bath Bombs do not stain and will not leave a ring around your tub, although colors may be attracted to any dirt or soap scum on tub walls. We recommend using bath bombs in a clean, fresh tub.

Directions: Fill the tub and drop in bath bomb. Watch the show & relax!


Sodium Bicarbonate / Citric Acid / Dendritic Salt / Buttermilk Powder / Apricot Kernel Oil / Polysorbate 80 / Fragrance / Sprinkles / *Skin Safe Colorants
*All colorants used are Batch Certified and deemed safe for cosmetics