Black Magic 2-in-1 Face Scrub + Mask

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Excellent for oily and acne prone skin, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin, this 2-in-1 daily face scrub + mask will leave your skin so smooth and clear you'll swear it's black magic!


If you love Lush Dark Angels* you'll love Black Magic. Activated Charcoal and Rhassoul Clay draw out dirt and absorb oils, sugar gives just the right amount of exfoliation. Vitamin packed Avocado Oil nourishes and softens dry skin and Glycerin draws moisture to the skin. Black Magic cleansing scrub reduces oiliness & breakouts, and eliminates dryness and flakiness, improving the overall texture of your skin. Can also be used all over the body for an invigorating deep clean.

To use, pinch off a small amount of scrub and apply to wet skin, rubbing in a circular motion. Leave on for 10 minutes for maximum impact, then rinse.


-Name: Jennifer R.
-Skin Issues: Acne Scars, Acne, Blackheads, Uneven Skintone
-SOAPCAKE Skincare Routine: In the beginning I started using Dead Sea Detox face soap and Black Magic Cleanser 3x's daily after a few months I dropped down to using the Dead Sea face soap twice daily and the Black Magic cleanser a few times a week.
-My Story: For the past 9 years my skin was absolutely horrible, I'd look in the mirror and only see my flaws. I've tried everything including PROACTIV+ and got practically no results. Now my skin is not flawless but it has come a very long way. The Dead Sea face soap leaves my skin feeling clean, there's no residue whatsoever. And the Black Magic Cleanser pulls all the impurities from my skin. I started seeing results after a week and I am beyond pleased. 
I'm finally getting the skin I've always wanted. Thank you SOAPCAKE, you've given me such a boost in confidence. When people look at me it feels like they're actually looking at me and not my skin!


Raw Sugar / Rhassoul Clay / Avocado Oil / Glycerin / Sodium Laureth Sulfate / Activated Charcoal / Fragrance


*SOAPCAKE is not affiliated or associated with Cosmetic Warriors LTD (Lush).


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it's magic

black magic omg it really helped with acne blackheads it has helped my skin clear up like no other product ever had my face feel smooth fresh clean most importantly clearing up from acne and the scar left behind from acne really happy to have found this a little bit goes a long way iit will heal clean your skin try it with the dead sea face soap you will be happy and feel confident fresh smith clean glowing face thanks

You definitely need to try this

I love love love this! It goes on and feels wonderful after is even better! Skin is super soft and looks so good it's a must have for anyone with problem skin.


First day I used it I knew I found the right product. It didn't make my face greasy but softened my skin. Very lovely.

I'm finally getting the skin I've always wanted

For the past 9 years I have had so many issues from acne to acne scars to uneven skin tone. After using a combination of the Dead sea face soap and this cleanser I finally feel as if people are actually looking at mean and not just my imperfections. Thank you Soap Cake, you've given me my confidence back.

Great for acne

I get really bad acne, hence the reason for buying this. So many reviews said it would clear it up. It did take a few weeks of using it to notice a difference. I was actually losing hope thinking it wasnt working. U just need to stick with it. I ran out a while ago and didnt really have the money to purchase again and started buying otc items again. My acne started back up really bad so ordered some more and this time it only took a week to heal and haven't had problems since. This works wonders and lives up to its name black magic