Lavender & Chamomile Herbal Bath Soak

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5" bag, 2.5 oz

Scented with a blend of Lavender and Roman Chamomile Essential Oils.


Stressed out? Need to unwind? You've come to the right place. Create your own spa experience right at home. Light candles, put on some music, lock the bathroom door and let our bath tea clear your mind and open your senses!

Contains a blend of loose leaf tea, herbs, sea salt, cocoa butter, and essential oils. Skin immediately feels soft and silky.

Directions: While filling tub, add tea bag to water and relax! One tea bag is large enough to infuse the water of any standard size bath tub. Can also be used as a foot soak.

Pro Tip: After infusing the water, lay the tea bag over your eyes and forehead for a mini facial!


European Sea Salt / Spearmint Tea Leaves / Chamomile Flowers / Calendula Flower Petals / Lavender Buds / Rosebuds / Rose Hip Powder / Cocoa Butter / Roman Chamomile Essential Oil / Lavender Essential Oil